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He Was Strange (But I Needed a Ride)

I was stumblin’ out a biker bar called the Doe & Buck
Feelin’ no pain til I seen some redneck had jacked my truck
I was pissed I was broke and I had no choice
Stuck my thumb out and swallowed my pride
I was drunk and I needed a ride

I’d been waitin’ by the side of the road about an hour’s time
When a guy pulled up in a beat up Econoline
The windows were all tinted black
Dead raccoon hangin’ off the back
It was strange
But I needed a ride

He wore wraparound shades, had a fu-manchu
Motorhead t-shirt and biker boots
And I ain’t lyin’—he had Vicky’s Secret panties on

I was a little weirded out but I figured everything would be fine
When he grabbed a mirror off the dash and did a couple of lines
He said “I like my blow and I like my Jack”
And proceeded to knock a half-pint back
He was ripped
But I needed a ride

Well he passed the bottle, said “You’re drinking with me”
I had a couple sips just to keep the peace
And then he said, “Boy you’re puttin’ out tonight”

That’s when I knocked him out cold
With a right to the fu-manchu
I grabbed a hold of the wheel headed south down 602
I dropped myself off half mile from home
Left him in his van by the side of the road
He had it comin’ and I needed a ride
I ain’t sorry, 'cause I needed a ride
Did what I had to do
Because I needed a ride