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Blue Balls

Well I’d rather be fishin’ ‘stead’a settin’ here bitchin’ ‘bout my blue balls
I wanna keep drinkin’ but I can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout my blue balls
It’s drivin’ me insane, lord please rid me of this pain in my blue balls
I’m climbin’ the walls’n yeah I’m kickin’ the stall I balls

Well I’d rather be bonin’ ‘stead’a sittin’ here moanin’ ‘bout my blue balls
But I just can’t catch a break and it’s more than I can take, I got blue balls
Well I really need some action ‘cause this lack of satisfaction gives me blue balls
Baby please give me a hand, yeah it’s more than I can stand I got…blue balls

Well the telephones’s ringin’ it’s my ex and she’s been drinkin’ I got blue balls
She says she’s all alone i’m wonderin’ how she could have known ‘bout my blue balls
She must’a been drunk dialin’ pretty soon I’m gonna be smilin’ no more blue balls
Well she ain’t no Penthouse Pet, but you take what you can get when you got…blue balls