Travis Whitelaw Beer and Booty CD Release

Once in a lifetime, an artist produces an album that changes the course of American music, influencing whole generations of musicians and listeners.

‘Beer & Booty’ probably ain't that album, but it will get your toes feverishly tapping, and have you howling along as Travis belts and croons his way thru such soon-to-be-classics as Hillbilly Filly, He Was Strange (But I Needed a Ride), and Booty Call.

If you love hard-hittin' old-school country served with a generous side of laughter, you need ‘Beer & Booty’ (hell, you probably need beer and booty anyway)! Listen now >


The one that started it all! Travis at his rudest and crudest!

Featuring the classics Assman, Tits or Tires, Reel Cowboys (Like Pussy), and Touched by a Stranger.

Listen now >